Fixed Wireless and Mobile Video and Television Highlighted

Toronto, Ontario (June 25, 2002) – Unique Broadband Systems, Inc. (TSX Venture: UBS) announced today that it is exhibiting at the Wireless Communications Association (WCA) Convention and Exposition in Boston, June 24 to 27. The Company is profiling its Broadband Wireless Access system along with its mobile video and data systems using COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex) technology.

“WCA 2002 is the premier annual show for the wireless broadband industry and an important forum for us to attend,” said Gerald McGoey, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of UBS.  “It provides us the opportunity to demonstrate some of our leading technology on the industry’s largest exhibition floor and a chance to network with many of the key players in the wireless world.” 

Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) systems are a cost-effective alternative to wired networks for both local loop and backbone applications and can be configured for private networks or commercial services. UBS leverages the best of both wired and wireless technologies to deliver converged voice, video, fax, broadcast, data and broadband Internet services. Using digital compression, BWA services can offer hundreds of television channels, premium services such as pay-per-view and near video-on-demand, and two-way data service. Multiservice edge devices, such as routers, connected to wireless modems offer support for high quality Internet service, voice-over-IP telephony for both primary and secondary lines, and G3 fax transmission. And, by using UBS’ state-of-the-art technologies, such as our COFDM solutions, the next generation of BWA products will deliver enhanced coverage and quality.

UBS offers a unique solution for transmitting mobile Digital Video Broadcast and data using COFDM technology that it will be exhibiting at WCA. The technology can be used for both one-way and two-way video/data transmissions for a variety of uses including telemedicine, mobile television entertainment, mobile traffic information systems as well as other services requiring high bandwidth in a moving environment.

The Wireless Communications Association (WCA) is the non-profit trade association for the FWB (Fixed Wireless Broadband) industry with over 530 member companies on six continents representing the bulk of sector's leading carriers, vendors and consultants. The WCA's mission is to advance the interests of the wireless carriers that provide high-speed data, internet, voice and video services on broadband spectrum through land-based systems using fixed reception/transmit devices in all broadband spectrum bands. The WCA is an established leader in government relations, technology standards and industry event organization.

About Unique Broadband Systems, Inc.

UBS designs, develops and manufactures high-speed mobile and fixed wireless solutions, including systems based on COFDM, a robust and efficient RF modulation technology that provides superior coverage in non-line of sight situations, video broadcasting and line-of-sight two-way high speed wireless internet.

UBS solutions target the high growth markets for wireless Internet, wireless cable TV, digital radio, and other applications for wireless video, voice and data services.  UBS also manufactures high-quality, reliable, passive components including custom filters, waveguide assemblies, couplers and filter combiner assemblies.

UBS has offices in Canada, Denmark, and the UK. 

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